Astra Elevators started its activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1428 H. / 2007 A.D.; during that period the trademark “Astra Elevators” a mark of distinction that concerns high quality with a competitive price.

We have vowed to keep the development of the form and content in order to stay the pioneering company in the field of elevators in the kingdom. Astra Elevators works on providing high quality solutions and services.

Despite the huge number of competitors, Astra Elevators could launch in the Saudi market in a short time and become one of the first names in the world of elevators. This happened through the trust and durability with its customers after the end of long-term maintenance contracts. What features Astra Elevators the most is post-purchase service by a specialized management to ensure customers’ comfort and fulfill their demands.

 Astra Elevators could cater for the needs of its customers by choosing the best services at work and by using the most advanced technological means and the best work force: engineers, technicians and assistants besides using a modern technique in management and defining training needs for the team to ensure work quality and competence progressively which in its turn, is reflected positively on customers’ satisfaction.

Our vision:

We seek development and distinction in adapting everything new in the world of elevators

Our Motto:

Quality is our priority

Our Values:

Quality: ensuring a high level of quality and safety in our products

Creativity: updating with everything new related to elevators

Commitment: showing full commitment in all contracts we sign with our customers

Mastery: ensuring customers safety and satisfaction

Our Goal:

Astra Elevators seeks to be one of the most advanced elevators company in the world

Our Sections:

Technical management

Marketing management

Purchase management

Quality control

Customer Service management